Seaweed Serum

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Very light hydrating and calming gel with aloe vera and seaweed. 

Gives elasticity to the skin, tightens the pores & soothes capillaries. 

It creates a layer to protect your pores from the dust during the day. 

Instructions: Apply few drops on the face and decollete. Use daily under the sunscreen or make-up. 

Ingredients: Seaweed Cottony, Aloe Vera Gel, Lemongrass e/o,

Vitamin E, Citric Acid 

*Seaweed is rich with CARNAGENAN that improves skin elasticity. 

MUKA HYDRATION MOISTURISERS are effective after scrubs and masks, this way skin absorbs better.

Serum to be used before the Sunblock every day as a moisturiser. 


100% Natural, Hand made, Vegan,

Cruelty Free / 100 grams