The Face Oil

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You know it's all about that glow, bout that glow! Made up of pure botanical oils, this ultra moisturising face oil serum is light and absorbs quickly. It contains Vitamin A, C, E and essential fatty acids which promotes skin regeneration and prevent free-radical damage. Get that natural radiant skin people think you are born with. 

Certified Organic and Fair Trade

Instructions: This cold pressed oil blend has a natural nutty scent. As a day moisturiser, warm 2 -3 drops of oil beween fingers. Massage onto face and neck after cleansing. Allow the skin to absorb the oi prior to applying make up. As an overnight face mask, massage 4-5 drops on to face to promote blood circulation and absorption.

Ingredients: Kukui oil, rosehip oil, baobab oil, tamanu oil, and vitamin E. (* Certified Organic, Fair Trade, No syntetic preservatives, colours or fragrances.)

Disclaimer: Always do a skin patch test in case of allergy. Store in cool, dry condition.