Organic Soapberries

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One of the only truly 100% natural and 100% certified organic detergents on the market. With the one cotton wash bag (for 250grams), two cotton wash bags (for 500grams) included, it will add up to a total of 90+ washloads (250grams) and 180+ wash loads (500grams).

Perfect for babies and those with skin allergies / conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis and allergy sensitivity. Considered as Hypoallergenic, All-Natural, Certified Organic by ECOCERT - one of the world’s leading certification organisations, Biodegradable, 100% Chemical Free, Waste Free, Vegan / Raw / Paleo.

It contributes to the income and improved working conditions for Nepalese communities involved in the harvest and processing of Soapberries , an Australian-owned and run company.

Instructions: Put 5 berries in the cotton wash bag provided and double tie the top. If you like fragrance, add 4-5 drops of 100% Essential Oil of your choice and pop it in the wash.